Propertied is passionate about making property ownership and investment more achievable for more Australians

Our company is founded on the belief that every Australian has the right to own their own home, as well as to have the opportunity to invest in a property market without the need for a large lump sum of money to start the journey.

For new homebuyers, that means we partner you with investors so you can purchase and live in your own home sooner.

For property investors, it means we enable you to start your portfolio with an investment of only $2,000.

Propertied’s key objective is to connect the three primary parties in the real estate transaction: property buyers, property investors, and property developers. By bringing everyone to the table, we create a simpler and more efficient process for everyone. The Propertied Method takes the age-old concept of communities banding together to build homes and brings it into the 21st century.

We are Australian-based, 100% Australian owned, and focused exclusively on the Australian real estate market. We provide thousands of investment opportunities to investors across the country, which in turn provides thousands of Australians the opportunity to fulfill their dream of living in their own home.

Our new online platform is backed by real people with a deep understanding of the local real estate market. This powerful combination of people and technology is changing the way people buy and invest in property in Australia.

Propertied for property groups

Propertied also offers its crowdfunding platform to qualified Property Groups to raise required funds for various property developments. Propertied works with these organisations to market these developments to potential investors and get the projects off the ground, releasing more stock into the local market.

Our organisation 

Passionate About Property

Our team are real estate and finance experts with decades of experience in the property sector. They have worked in building engineering, property development and construction across design, project management, and delivery roles for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail-type developments both in Australia and internationally.

Propertied was founded based upon this passion for property, in particular investing and property ownership through residential developments. Our aim is to bring the Great Australian Dream within the reach of ordinary people for whom saving a home deposit is increasingly out of reach. At the same time, we aim to democratise real estate investment by making it available to a wider range of everyday investors. Finally, we make this possible by working alongside developers with whom we share these values and aspirations.

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