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Purchasing your home is a big decision, so it’s natural you’ll have some questions. Here we provide answers to the most common questions we receive.

How much does it cost to apply?

It varies depending on the arrangement and size of the property. Once you’re qualified as a suitable candidate, there’s an upfront application fee prior to Propertied running a crowdfunding campaign on your behalf. You can find out more about typical fees by contacting us. If your crowdfunding campaign is unsuccessful, the application fee is fully refunded.

What if the crowdfunding campaign for me is unsuccessful?

If, for some reason, you are an approved applicant but the crowdfunding campaign does not reach the targeted level of investment necessary, your application fee will be fully refunded.

What if the property changes in value?

The Propertied model is designed to help you get a foothold in the market, and therefore works irrespective of market movements. Your investment could vary upwards or downwards in the same way as every other homeowner.

Who are the investors?

Crowdfunding participants are typical mum and dad investors, and others looking to build their wealth or savings through property. This includes people saving for their first home purchase themselves, and using Propertied as an investment in the interim.

With the Propertied model, it is often only a small portion of your home purchase that is crowdfunded – in most instance, less than 20% of the purchase cost. This investment is managed by Propertied through an MIS (Managed Investment Scheme) under AFSL licensee Guardian.

Who is on the property title?

That depends on the arrangement, but typically the buyer – you – with a caveat or second mortgage for the Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) that Propertied uses for the crowdfunding component. Simply put, you own the house while the fund is a co-investor for a predetermined period.

What happens if things change part way through the agreed timeframe?

We are flexible and will work with you to determine the best path forward if you wish to exit your arrangement – including the potential for other investors to buy out the property.

What happens if I can’t afford to buy out the investors at the end?

If you are not in a position to acquire a traditional mortgage – which you would use to buy out the investors at the end of the predetermined period – you may have the option to extend or defer, or you can consider alternative finance options.

What happens if I need to move?

If you need to move during the course of the agreement, it is just like traditional home ownership – you can choose to place your property on the market, or choose to maintain the arrangement with the investors and, if needed, seek to tenant the property.

How much deposit do I need?

The answer depends on the investment arrangement. Propertied caters for people with zero deposit – or a very small deposit – and then helps fund the gap required to achieve other financing. Eligibility criteria obviously applies.


Here you’ll find further information about the various options available via the Propertied model.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment increment is $2,000.

What is the minimum term?

Each property will be provided with unique investment terms, but these are typically 2-5 years (to align with homeowner option periods). You may exit before the minimum term by placing your investment units on a secondary market.

What if the tenant/buyer defaults?

Propertied manages this scenario on behalf of the investors. However, we also go through an extensive eligibility check upfront to ensure serviceability criteria is met or exceeded, thereby minimising such risks.


Understand the details of how Propertied delivers flexibility, agility, and security to developers.

What is the commission/rate?

This is treated on a case-by-case basis – to discuss typical rates for your type of project, please contact us.

What is the minimum finance amount?

Nil. There is no minimum finance amount for developers.

What area do you cover?

Propertied covers development investment and finance Australia-wide.

What type of developments do you work with?

Propertied works across the spectrum of residential and commercial developments, from small unit or townhouse developments to large scale commercial or multi-story residential developments.

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