How your family could use Propertied to move into your new home

If you feel there is no end to sight from renting, and if you think your savings are increasing too slowly to even keep up with property prices – even in today’s market – then you are looking in the right place.

The Propertied Method may just be what you need to realise your dream of owning your own home.

We understand the challenge of saving for a deposit while you have to pay rent – money you would much rather put towards your own mortgage rather than someone else’s. This is a challenge for many people, not just in Australia but across many nations and economies around the world.

Having heard this issue from many individuals and couples alike, Propertied looked at ways in which we could build a bridge over this issue.

And so the Propertied Method was born.

It offers a workable solution that creates a favourable outcome for both home buyers and property investors, allowing more people to get into their own homes sooner.

In a similar way that buyers are finding it difficult to get into the property market, many property investors are faced with similar issues – traditionally, they require a large amount of capital or equity to start the journey.

The solution is co-ownership by home buyers and property investors. The investors provide the minimum funding required to allow you, as a qualified home buyer, to source a traditional mortgage for the balance of the property value.

Whilst the co-ownership is not a new concept – it is used by many governments around the world to assist the buyers to get into the property market – the funding is generally provided by governments with onerous qualifying conditions for home buyers.

Propertied works very hard with many developers and builders to source great value homes at various locations and growth areas around our great nation. The Propertied Method allows you to choose your home from a large selection of these brand new properties on our platform. If you choose an off-the-plan home, you’ll have choices when it comes to the finishes – carpets, paint colours, floorboards/tiles, kitchen appliances. After all, you are purchasing your home!

Propertied then reaches out to investors to fund the minimum required capital for the deposit. The funding by investors is typically 5% to 10% and it is on pre-agreed terms of 2 to 5 years. This allows you as a buyer to have your own home from day 1, and an opportunity to plan an exit strategy to buy out the investors within the predetermined investment term. This could take place as a regular repayment throughout the term, or through equity gained in your new property at the end of the term.

In addition to helping secure investment funding for your home, we also work with you to source the best mortgage finance for the balance, via our in-house finance team. 

That’s why we call Propertied ‘Your New Home for Smarter Real Estate’.

Start your journey today – register your interest and see if you meet the eligibility criteria. We look forward to welcoming you and hope to be able to help you with your dream of owning your home.

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