A model where success is shared

First home buyers desire new homes; investors require a fair return on their investment; developers need both home buyers and investors to create demand for their properties.

The Propertied platform brings everyone together efficiently, so everyone wins. 

Home Buyers



First Home Buyers

The New Propertied Method®

Using Propertied, first home buyers without a deposit may be able to move into their new home using the Propertied model. The solution is co-ownership by home buyers and property investors. The investors provide the minimum funding required to allow you, as a qualified home buyer, to source a traditional mortgage for the balance of the property value. At the end of an agreed timeframe, the first home buyers can buy out the investors, using the equity they’ve built up.

The Propertied Method® solves two problems:

  • trying to save while renting, and
  • savings not keeping up with home price growth.
With Propertied, first home buyers are able to get a foothold in the market, together with the satisfaction of moving into a home they have chosen – including being able to choose the paint, carpet, kitchen and bathroom finishes, etc – before they would otherwise be able to.


Crowdfunded Property Investment

With as little as $2,000, investors are able to start building a diverse property investment portfolio from a wide range of markets across Australia. Using the power of crowdfunding, Propertied investors can partner with others looking to take a share in a new home in a new estate. By entering into a contract with a first home buyer – investors receive a competitive rental return and benefit from a reliable tenant (home buyer) with a personal interest in the property. 


Market-matching & Finance

Because the platform brings together first home buyers and property investors in a unique way, developers using Propertied have access to a ready market of potential buyers. In addition, Propertied investors may be able to provide mezzanine finance for selected developments.

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