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With Propertied, you have the potential to buy or invest in thousands of properties around Australia.

Simply select whether you would like to browse as a home buyer or an investor, and the property details will be customised to suit.

Explore as a Home Buyer

Propertied partners with developers across Australia to provide you with access to a wide range of homes in desirable locations.

Explore as an Investor

Propertied offers you a range of property types, with varying investment propositions – all with a low buy-in as part of our crowdfunding model. 

How your family could use Propertied to move into your new home

If you feel there is no end to sight from renting, your savings are increasing too slowly for today’s property prices – then you are looking in the right place.

Ready to apply for your dream home or secure your next investment?

Start your Propertied online application in just a few minutes – it’s free to apply and there’s no upfront commitment required.

Do you need answers?

Visit the Propertied FAQs page for a wealth of information about how the platform works, how to become involved, and our standard terms.

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